‘Gladiator’, in Rome?

So, where do I start? I travelled to Rome with my good friend Enee as she felt that we needed a quick getaway. Nothing too crazy; 5 nights was perfect. My day job got the best of me; I quickly agreed and met up with her to book our tickets.

We landed safe and sound in Italy, took a taxi from the airport and arrived at the Morgana Hotel which is located near the Termini Central Station. The room came with a full English breakfast and the customer service was outstanding. If you haven’t been to Italy before, please note there are room taxes on the hotels. We paid 6 Euros per person, per night.

We bought a day ticket to use the metro and headed to see The Trevi Fountain (I have a box full of wishes, ssh tell no one). Unfortunately, it was under construction at the time, so I took a snapshot of the top half of the building. I walked up to the fountain, took a deep breath and made a wish. Since I have a few wishes, I only wished for one thing. I can’t be greedy, can I? And no, I can’t tell you my wish. 🙂

Enee wanted to see The Colosseum, so we did. To tell you the truth… I haven’t seen the film, Gladiator. Please, don’t throw tomatoes haha. It’s not my choice of genre, sorry. On our arrival, we walked around, headed to the highest level and took a few photos. I had a strange feeling walking around, it was unsettling. I asked my friend “what happened here?” she turned and looked at me for 10 seconds. Pretty intense, huh.

“You haven’t seen the Gladiator?” said Enne.

Instantly I became sweaty and slowly mumbled “no”. Am I missing out here? She explained the movie briefly and my mouth dropped. I can’t believe so many people died here. Truly heartbreaking. I had to leave immediately as my stomach turned; I couldn’t bear the thought of the pain and torture that took place here.

Overall, my city trip was an unforgettable experience. I became closer with my friend and learned about a new movie called the Gladiator. And yes, I will watch this film. I think it’s long overdue…

Vanessa xo

8 thoughts on “‘Gladiator’, in Rome?

  1. Hi Vanessa, my family and I went to Rome last year. It was the most amazing experience. We stayed at an apartment near the Termini Station. The Trevi Fountain was gorgeous. I liked the Colosseum but didn’t love it because we went there on the hottest day of our trip. However, it was an amazing trip. You did a great job with the pictures. Love Raheela

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