Me: Flaws and All

Where do I begin? Storytime is about my past, journey, and future.

My mentor advised me that I should open up about my experiences as it’s a great way to get things of my chest. One thing that I’ve learned so far is to be yourself and truly love who you are because you are only there for yourself.

A little about me

I am a natural curly head; I absolutely love my naturally curly hair. To be honest, I am a lazy natural. I prefer to create quick hairstyles on the go as I love to express myself differently on a daily basis. 😊 My favourite natural product is – olive oil. Yes, you heard right. Just oil.

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To keep my hair moisturised, I created an olive oil and water solution (in a spray bottle) and use it every other day to refresh my juicy natural curls. Previously, I used products such as moisturising creams and so on. But, I found that I was losing a substantial amount of hair so, I decided to keep it simple. (Don’t forget to shake well before use.)

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

In my spare time, I love to cycle – I actually bought a bicycle instead of a car. When I passed my driving test I couldn’t help but think, how easy would it be to weave in and out of traffic? It helps me clear my thoughts; I feel free and light as a bird.

Also, I enjoy dress-making in my spare time. When you’re petite, nothing really fits perfectly it can be very frustrating. In the future, I hope to make my own pair of jeans, a coat or even a blouse. So far, I’ve made a couple of work skirts, casual dresses and summer tops for my Caribbean adventures.

One flaw of mine is… I talk too much, way too much.

Join me on my journey and let me know yours. 😊

Vanessa xo

21 thoughts on “Me: Flaws and All

  1. This is a great post. It’s nice to know a little more about you. Making your own clothes – that is impressive! My grandmother was a seamstress before she retired. She would make clothes for my sis and me all the time when we were little. She still fixes things for us lol 🙂
    Keep up the great blogging 🙂
    ~ Ray

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  2. So great to know more about you. I love olive oil. Oddly I haven’t been using it as much this time around but all that is gonna change lol! I too I’m a very simple natural. And a bicycle sounds awesome!

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    • Olive oil is a life saver – my hair never stops growing. I really thought using fancy products worked best but, they just ended up stripping and thinning out my hair.
      Do what works for your hair x ♥️

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  3. Nice to meet you 🙂 great idea to use olive oil, it’s amazing isn’t it all of these expensive product at our fingertips that the industry tells us we “need” and the cheapest simplest is the best!! 💜

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  4. Ahh you’ve brought back memories with the olive oil and water solution:) When I had braids last summer I thought I would go mad until I read that making exactly this ‘cocktail’ would relieve the tightness and keep the itchies at bay. How great also that you’ve chosen a bicycle over an automobile, kudos to you on that! I remember when nothing felt better than weaving in and out of traffic in the city..I was braver then in that times xoxo

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